The “why” behind Music in Mitynote 3

The original idea for Mitynote way back about 3 years ago was that it would be a digital scrapbook, a place where you could put all of your ideas, no matter what kind of idea they were. At the time, I was writing a book, and I saw so many things that inspired me each day, but no place to keep them all together. A physical scrapbook is is great because you tape in photos, letters, notes, tickets, stickers, pins, everything — in one place. That’s what we needed — but for the digital world.

With each update, Mitynote offers support for more of these digital mediums. Which brings us to music notes, one of the headlining new note types in Mitynote 3. Below, let’s checkout 3 different ways music notes in Mitynote are game changer for note taking, and how they might be able to help you in your projects.

In Keeping a Journal I’m sure you’ve had those days (or weeks), as I have, that are just better summed up by using a song. Before, you could write about that song in your journal, e.g. “This week sucked. Think of: Drops of Jupiter, by Train.” Sure, that method is *okay*. But it’s not great. Why not really bring yourself back to the moment when you come back to that journal entry, and really remember what it felt like to live that week? Try something like this combination in Mitynote instead:

In Writing a Book As an author myself, I’d sometimes hear a song that I thought: “Yes, that is the perfect vibe for this particular chapter of my book. I want to remember that.” So I’d dive into a notes app and write: “The climax, when the main character finds out that his dad is on the run, goes well with the song: Agent of Chaos.”

And all of this was just fine. So to relive that moment, I’d have to locate that note, go to my Music and search for “Agent of Chaos”, play it, then head back to my book document and keep writing while it plays — so I can get that inspiration.

This whole process is a thing of the past with Mitynote. Instead of any of that, my new process will be searching for Agent of Chaos right within Mitynote, adding it as a music note, and connecting it to my existing chapter where I’m writing that part of the book. Then, next time, when I go to that part that I’m writing, I can remember and listen to Agent of Chaos right in line with my work.

In Remembering Something from Class Your teacher is teaching a concept, and says something that reminds you of the lyrics of a song. Right there, in class, while taking notes, you can add that song into Mitynote, connected to a Blurb explaining why you added it. Then class is over, you just got home, and it’s time for some homework. You pull your class notes back up in Mitynote to review them. And right there, within your class notes, is that song that reminded you of that thing — a great way to remember that thing for the test. And right there, in Mitynote, you can listen to the song again.

I can’t wait to see what other use cases you have for Mitynote music notes, and make sure to let me know how you’re using Mitynote by sending me a DM on Twitter @austboston.

And if you have yet to checkout Mitynote for yourself, do so here:

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